Assisted Living Facility Waukee

Have you been searching for an Assisted Living Facility Waukee for either yourself or a family member because some areas of life have become more of a challenge recently, due to aging and some health issues?

Assisted Living Facility Services Near Waukee

If so, you really should take a look at what Pine Acres Rehabilitation and Care Center have to offer first! We’ve been in the field for over 40 years and have magnificent senior care and assistance down to a science!

We’re well-known throughout the region as an establishment that has an exceptional staff of professionals who have a genuine passion for our elderly members of society! This passion is conveyed regularly through our immaculate, warm, and inviting surroundings, excellent medical services, and high standards of support and kindness, all given in a safe and secure setting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

At Pine Acres Rehabilitation & Care Center, our Long Term Care feels like home.

When you choose Pine Acres, you’re making the decision to add fun to daily life, along with serenity and restoration of the soul!

We understand that the transition from one’s home, where there’s independent living, to an Assisted Living Facility Waukee can be an emotional and difficult life event to endure, but we’re here to come alongside you and make things easier, not just for the new resident themselves, but for the entire family!

In addition, we know that it’s important to interact with those we serve in a way that makes them feel valued, respected, and like family! We’re committed to creating a community that you or your senior family member will be delighted to call home while providing assistance where and when it’s needed!

Assisted Living Facility in Waukee

When it comes to amenities, Pine Acres does not disappoint! Each resident has the option of a private or semi-private room that’s spotless, offers an environment that’s conducive to rest and relaxation, and has its own large, easily accessible bathroom.

The setting is cozy, comfortable, and lends itself to such enjoyments as watching TV, reading, knitting, crocheting, or listening to music! In addition, our location has several lovely lounge areas and private and secure courtyards to visit!

Another wonderful aspect of Pine Acres is that we’re in the habit of encouraging our residents to participate in the recreational activities that take place, knowing full well that these are opportunities to promote a sense of belonging, as well as meet new people and make new friends!

Some of these events include coffee circles, a baking group, exercise groups, music therapy, indoor picnics, movies, bingo, live entertainment, and even pet therapy! These types of get-togethers promote not only social interaction but self-worth and feelings of achievement!

Pine Acres Assisted Living Facility Services in Waukee

To find out more regarding what Pine Acres’ is all about, please visit our website,! If you’d like, you’re absolutely welcome to call with any questions you may have or any concerns that you’d like to have addressed at (515)223-1223, and our friendly, well-informed associates will be happy to help you!

You may find that this would also be the perfect time to make an appointment to come by our Assisted Living Facility Waukee, meet us, and take a tour! We look forward to meeting you soon!

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