Short Term Rehab West Des MoinesWe want the best support and care system possible when it comes to our loved ones’ comfort and wellness.

Short Term Rehab Near West Des Moines

Here at Pine Acres Rehabilitation and Care Center, we help you reach your wellness goals through short-term rehab care. If you’re looking for Short Term Rehab Wes Des Moines, here is why you should invest in your time here at our facilities. At Pine Acres Rehabilitation & Care Center, our Skilled Nursing feels like home.

West Des Moines Short Term Rehab

1. Customized Treatment
Everything our caregivers do is tailored for your specific needs and requirements and is always approved by your physician.

Our main goal for your short-term rehab program is to get you as well as you can both physically and mentally be so that you can return to your home.

Your caregivers are highly trained and committed experts who have one aim in mind: to accompany you on your journey from beginning to end until you are well and ready to return home.

2. More Comfortable Than a Hospital
Staying in a hospital setting for days or weeks on end can be mentally draining. That’s why many patients decide to choose a more ‘homey’ environment for their recovery procedure.

You’ll have the opportunity to interact with other people in community rooms and therapy groups, which is more comfortable than a standard hospital setting.

3. On-Site Therapy Services
We offer 6 days per week therapy services for our guests to prevent hospitalization.

That way, you and your loved ones will be sure that the recovery is going just as we’ve planned, and you’ll soon be able to return home.

4. A Wide Range of Programs
To prevent boredom, we have numerous activities our guests can enjoy. These include:

  • Indoor picnics
  • Movies once a week
  • Bingo
  • Music therapy and many more activities

Pine Acres Short Term Rehab Near West Des Moines

For more information on Short Term Rehab in West Des Moines contact us or schedule a tour! Also, contact us if you need a Skilled Nursing Facility in West Des Moines.

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