Skilled Nursing Facility Des MoinesWhen it comes to the comfort and wellness of our loved ones, we want the best support and care system available. The Skilled Nursing Facility Des Moines offers therapy services to help you achieve your goals as fast as possible.

But deciding to trust professionals with your healthcare can sometimes be nerve-wracking for families, and each problem can have its own solution based on an individual’s case.

At Pine Acres Rehabilitation & Care Center, our Skilled Nursing feels like home.

West Des Moines Skilled Nursing Facility

Here are 3 benefits of staying at a skilled nursing facility for faster recovery.

1. You’re therapy is tailored to your needs
When arriving at Pine Acres Rehabilitation and Care Center, our experts will ensure that the therapy you’re receiving is 100% approved by your physician.

Your care-takers are skilled and dedicated professionals, with only one goal in mind, to stick by your journey from start to finish until you’re well and ready to return home.

2. You can have private or semi-private rooms
Your room at our facilities is spacious, with the option of having private or semi-private rooms, allowing for family and loved ones to visit when they want.

In addition, you can always decide to complete your therapy activities in the comfort of your own room.

3. You get informed with at home-care details
Getting our patients well enough to return to their homes is the main goal, but another important step that comes with it is educating our guests with everything they need to know for when they’re in the comfort of their own homes.

This includes training for good body mechanics, fall avoidance, safe exercises, adequate nutrition, and medication procedures during your stay with us.

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