Skilled Nursing Facility WaukeeAs life starts to slow down as we get older, it becomes harder to take care of ourselves. But that doesn’t mean we should hand over the reins entirely.

Pine Acres Skilled Nursing Services Near Waukee

Instead, it is important to get the right help we need and the kind of assistance that best suits us so that we have the means and are empowered to look after ourselves.

However, it’s hard to find that kind of care and support necessary to put us back on our feet. And that is why if you’re looking for a skilled nursing facility in Waukee, you want one that delivers proficiency, attention to detail, and excellent one-to-one service.

This is our aim at Pine Acres Rehabilitation and Care centre.

At Pine Acres Rehabilitation & Care Center, our Long Term Care feels like home.

Waukee Skilled Nursing Facility

Pine Acres offers a plethora of therapy and rehabilitation programs as well as clinical programs and health care services with a commitment to ensuring the best quality of life while you stay with us. These include: IV Therapy, Orthopedic and Trauma Rehabilitation, Specialized Orthopedic Care, Stroke Care, Cardiac Care Congestive Heart Failure Management and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation.

We know the most important words you want to hear are “it’s time to go home!” This is why our skilled nursing facility in Waukee is dedicated to providing a program built around helping you or your loved one to achieve their goals and return home as quickly as possible while meeting all of their needs with professional care.

Pine Acres Skilled Nursing Waukee Rehab Services

Not only are our nursing facilities laser-focused to provide excellent care, but also making the healthcare costs and insurance coverage as simple and understandable as possible so you know exactly what treatment you’re getting and at what price. We are medicare certified and accept most private insurance plans.

For a skilled nursing facility in Waukee that puts you and your loved ones at the heart of everything we do, schedule a tour with us today!

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