Skilled Nursing Facility West Des MoinesAt Pine Acres Rehabilitation & Care Center, our mission is to get you home. We stand by the belief that being unwell should always be temporary, and our medical and rehabilitation team makes Pine Acres the best skilled nursing facility West Des Moines.

Skilled Nursing Services Near West Des Moines

Our team prides itself on a strategy of care that will get you home as soon as possible.

Skilled nursing starts by ensuring you are as comfortable as possible. Then our nurses will show you the most effective and quick way to target your ailment, and through a personalized therapy, will help you get back to your normal self and back in your home. We stand by you every step of the way.

At Pine Acres Rehabilitation & Care Center, our Assisted Living feels like home.

West Des Moines Skilled Nursing Facility

The work we do at Pine Acres Rehabilitation & Care Center is only half the job. Getting well continues long after you have left our skilled nursing facility. Wherever home is, we give you the education, exercises, and knowledge you need to continue getting better on your own.

Our nurses may not be able to continue with you after you leave, but our methods of rehabilitation will stay with you until you are fully back on your feet and feeling well.

Pine Acres Rehab Care Specialist Near West Des Moines

If you or a loved one need personalized care from a stroke, cardiac episode, fall, or surgery, visit Pine Acres Rehabilitation & Care Center to meet with our skilled nurses and learn more about the unparalleled care we give to our patients.

Contact us if you need Short Term Rehabilitation in West Des Moines.